Susan Grey, Distance Healer

Welcome! For over 35 years Susan Grey, a natural born intuitive healer, has been channeling wondrous distance healing energies for a group of non-physical healers, clearing people, pets and places. Susan is a conduit for her and others’ guides and Angels, Archangels, for the Divine. As a gifted healer, Susan provides extraordinary Space Clearing of homes, items, workplaces, previous places/incidents of trauma, etc.

Susan offers phenomenal and unique Sound Healing which also includes gifted EFT and Emotional Transformation, along with life coaching for emotional freedom. She provides Past Lifetime Healing and Chronological healing, clearing specific time frames of a person’s or animal’s life from stressful effects continuing  to impact them. Susan’s healing work has continued to evolve over the years, incorporating Archetypal healing, Chakra Healing, Water Crystal Healing, etc.

Susan  also determines intuitively which of over 700 flower essences would be helpful to an individual’s healing process and sends energetic timed-release Flower Essence Bouquets. Many of Susan’s  healing processes work over time to help both people and animals heal themselves of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues. People usually report noticeable and lovely results of Susan’s distance healing work. Her gentle yet powerful unique distance healing work releases negative energies, entities, feelings, thought forms, lost souls, etc. from people, animals, homes and workplaces to an unconditionally loving Universe where they are received and transformed. You’ll love this work.

What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Susan Grey offers fine-tuned precision work on the human body and energy system and groundbreaking, breathtaking space clearing where energetic walls and boundaries collapse to let in the light. One of the best healers in America today."

- A.M.C., Queens, NY