Susan Grey’s Distance Animal Healing

As an animal healer, I have been doing long distance animal healing with dogs, cats, horses, birds, zoo animals, turtles, ferrets, iguanas, snakes, etc. regularly since 1986.

When I was a social worker for the county in Madison WI in 1985, a colleague who knew of my healing work with people in the office asked if I could come to her home to do healing with her dog, who was neither eating nor drinking, was just laying there. He had been that way since she had brought him home from where he had been boarded while she’d been on a vacation. This was my first distant healing work with an animal. I checked in on the dog intuitively and sent him distant animal healing. When we arrived at the woman’s home during our lunch break, her dog ran to greet us both, tail a-wagging. I suggested we put some Rescue Remedy (a Bach flower essence used to just let him know he can cope) in his water. She said, “but he’s not drinking.” I put some in. And just as he had with the animal healing energies I had sent him, he lapped it up. He was just fine.

Miracles Happen

“It’s official! The cat’s a miracle! I just thought I’d let you know the latest on my cat, Willow….We saw the vet that had seen her when she first got sick and he couldn’t believe the change in her. She is 100% healthy old mog again! The vet said he has only seen a couple of cases where a cat has made a full recovery after being so ill and that initially, it looked as though Willow had liver cancer, which would have killed her in 4-6 weeks. In fact, Willow has even started to chase our dog Holly! As for Holly, she has really settled down… Take care and a final big thank you!”–Briony Price, UK*

No matter what kind of animal companion you have, or animal friend who needs healing, the distant healing I do is often very helpful to them. The healing often addresses the animal’s physical ailments as well as the underlying mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Although I never know what will be the final results of the healing work I do, I have seen a lot of miracles.

I am not the traditional animal communicator or pet psychic who will tell you exactly what your animal companion is thinking. However, I can usually intuit what healing would be helpful to them, and provide it. And, I can often tell you how they are feeling.

You’ll find your animal companions very receptive to the animal healing work I do. Animals usually get very relaxed when they receive my distant healing work. The healing will work with your animal companion over a period of time. You may notice immediate changes, and you may also notice more gradual ones. Though this does not always happen, there may be a short period of detoxification, when their symptoms briefly worsen and then release.

Also, because we are so closely connected to our animal companions, know that your animal friends may be reflecting some of your issues, so when you contact me for healing for them, we may also find ourselves doing healing for you, too. And, that is helpful to them, as well as to you. Your animal friends will thank you for their healing, and your own.

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The Nature of Animal Healing

Susan is the only energy healer who was listed as a resource in the hardcover version of the book “The Nature of Animal Healing,” by Martin Goldstein, a wonderful holistic veterinarian. Susan does the same kind of healing with your animal friends that she does with their people, and she has seen a lot of miracles.

Sometimes, animals may also be adversely affected by the energies of your home or land, and Space Clearing may be needed. When I clear your homes, or if I am working with your healing, often your animals will come into the room to participate. Cats sometimes jump up onto items they want to be cleared. Some of my clients tell me their animals start smiling. You will definitely notice them noticing something going on, and enjoying it. Animals are sensitive and very receptive to this work, to the clearing of your spaces, to your healing, and to their own.

I can often help people find their lost animals or their animals to return home. And, if your animal companion is readying to pass over, the work I do often helps them and you with their transition.

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What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Susan, you are the healer's healer."

- Barbara Foster (animal communicator, veterinary technician), FL