About the Distant Healing Process

I am a gifted natural born healer of people, of animals, and of places. I am a channel for the Divine and the long distance healing energies of a wonderful group of unconditionally loving spirit healer helpers. With their help, I am also a spiritually guided holistic counselor/ life coach. I was a social worker for 20 years, without ever having taken a social work course; I am called to do this work, and feel blessed to be able to offer it to you, your loved ones, and your animal companions.

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A Healer’s Perspective on Distant Healing

A lot of people who contact me for long distance or distant healing have not had previous experience with a distant healer, and wonder how can that work?

Everyone, and everything, is connected. Quantum physics and more recently String Theory brings science and spirituality together in this regard. Though I do some of my healing work in person, almost all of it is long distance healing. I have done healing work with people and animals all over the world for many years. My clients can feel the effects, which are often dramatic, and lasting. Some of them can actually see our guides and angels. Some people smell lovely fragrances as I am doing distant healing work with them, or clearing their spaces. Your animals will definitely feel the distant healing work. Some people tell me they begin to feel the healing as soon as they commit to a session with me.

Time is not linear; it is accessible to healing energies. I have worked with people and animals healing past life-time issues, and clearing out the effects of previous time-frames in this life. Once, when I was doing healing with someone for her birth-1 year old time frame, her jaw problem from infancy immediately disappeared. One can heal one’s past, and one’s future. I also provide healing for one’s present circumstances and health issues. Thought is Energy and is often unconsciously playing out in one’s life. Our thoughts can be creative, or destructive. I help people to release the emotional charge that certain sentences have carried for them, keeping them stuck in living that script. I also teach people how to consciously use their thoughts, their words, and their feelings in ways that are helpful to themselves and to others, creating a life of joy instead of struggle.

Sometimes, even “inanimate” objects have responded to the distant healing energies I have sent them… e.g. a water softener, a dryer, a car engine, an elevator that had just stopped, etc. They just started working again. It helps to hear the messages we are getting from them. For example, if your car engine won’t start, are you having trouble getting started? If all your batteries are going at once, are you wearing yourself out, running on empty? Everything is connected, electromagnetically. We are all One.

I do my work kinesthetically. I surrender to the healing energies that move through me. My body briefly takes in the tension and then releases. The person I am working with often is releasing tension in that same area. When my hands return to a prayer stance, I know the healing is complete.  When we are doing healing work on the phone, or online, I get immediate feedback from the person I am working with. The healing process may be immediate, or it may take a period of time to integrate. Usually, there is no detoxification period; occasionally, there is, in which case there may be a very short time when the condition briefly worsens and then releases. One’s most immediate response when we are done with a healing session is profound relaxation. Wherever you have held your tension, you will notice an amazing difference.

There truly is no distance in my distance healing work. It is as if I were there or you here. I have done healing work with a multitude of people and animals, and clearing places all over the United States, Australia, Canada, Israel, England, India, Germany, France, Ireland, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and more.

Animal Healing

As a distant animal healer, I have been doing animal healing with dogs, cats, horses, birds, zoo animals, turtles, ferrets, iguanas, snakes, etc. since 1986. No matter what kind of animal companion you have, or animal friend who needs healing, the distant healing I do is usually very helpful to them. The healing often addresses both the animal’s physical dis-ease and the underlying mental/emotional/spiritual issues. I do the same kind of work with animals as I do with their people.

I am not the traditional animal communicator or pet psychic who will tell you exactly what your animal companion is thinking. However, I can intuit what healing would be helpful to them, and provide it. And, I can usually tell you how they are feeling.

I  am a natural born animal healer. You’ll find your animal companions very receptive to the healing work I do. Animals usually get very relaxed when they receive my distant healing work. The healing will work with your animal companion over a period of time. You may notice immediate changes, and you may also notice more gradual ones. Occasionally there may be a short period of detoxification when their symptoms briefly worsen and then release.

Sometimes animals may also be adversely affected by the energies of your home or land, and Space Clearing may be needed. When I clear your homes, or if I am working with your healing, often your animals will come into the room to participate. Some of my clients tell me their animals start smiling. You will definitely notice them noticing something going on, and enjoying it. If your animal companion is missing, when I clear the areas of your home and/or yard that need clearing, they often return soon after. And, if your animal companion is readying to pass over, the work I do helps them and you with their transition.

Please see Animal Healing and Testimonials pages for more information.

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EFT/Emotrance/Sound Healing

I was a social worker for 20 years, and my healing work often involves holistic counseling/ life coaching, along with my energy work. A number of years ago, I was doing healing with a client in Hawaii. She happpened to be a Sound Healer. At the end of our work together she offered me a little of her Sound Healing as a gift; it was quite lovely. As soon as I hung up I knew I was to be doing Sound Healing, and that it would not be so pretty. When I am doing Sound Healing with someone, people have told me it feels to them as if I am releasing for them feelings they may have been carrying for years, possibly forever, and did not even know they had. The Sound Releasing is specific to each individual’s circumstances and need. They immediately feel much lighter and their bodies feel much more at ease.

I combine my Sound Healing with my own version of combined Emotional Freedom Technique work/EmoTrance work, which has evolved over a long time. People find this work incredibly enlightening, freeing, and fun! People who work with me may learn how to do, not the Sound Healing, but the Emotrance/EFT work if they do the session with me on a video call. This would teach people how to regularly release some of their own energy blockages.

I consider this work to be a form of emotional homeopathy. When people are wanting to change a part of themselves, pushing that part away, disowning it, I have them instead own and embrace that part, along with energy work to accept themselves more as they are. The effect is that that part no longer clings tenaciously to them, and unconsciously undermines them. What one resists, persists. It is about total self-acceptance.

I do this work especially if someone has a psychological reversal with respect to the condition they consciously want to change. If so, then they have a part of themselves they are holding onto, and undermining their own healing process. This would be the case with obsessive compulsive behaviors, addictive behaviors, etc. And, no matter what they have been attempting to do to change or heal, nothing has been working . Effective Emotrance  (opening up energy blocks)/ EFT work along with my Sound Healing is amazing.

When people use affirmations and they just won’t work, you can be assured there is a psychological reversal with respect to that issue. This is especially helpful for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), phobias, addictions, weight loss issues, intractable pain, problems related to financial stress that seem insoluble, sexual abuse, etc. I determine what issues need this work using intuition, exquisite listening, and kinesiology (muscle testing). I can do this as a surrogate or proxy for the person or animal at a distance. My Sound Healing work can be incredibly effective and very quick to resolve old issues. I have helped people holding onto rage, guilt, shame, illnesses, intractable pain, and those with a variety of addictions, eating disorders, claustrophobia, fear of public speaking, self-esteem issues, etc.

Sometimes only one session is required, sometimes more, and it is sometimes used in conjunction with other healing processes. This work is amazing at helping people to release energetic shields they unconsciously carry, which were previously helpful to them as coping mechanisms, and whose continued presence has prevented their living more fully and joyfully.I

Since everything is energy, and what we resist persists, Emotional Transformation work helps people to process and release any emotion without it getting stuck in their body, which tends to cause both emotional and physical discomfort and disease. This work is phenomenally effective.

Please see Testimonials page for more information.

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Animal Medicine

If you are contacting me about healing of your animal companions, please see Animal Healing. My Animal Medicine healing  is actually not about healing animals; rather, it is about healing (either people or animals) with the energetic essence of particular animals. For example, ant is about patience, horse about power, rabbit about fear, spider about seeing the web of your creation, snake about shedding your old skin, transformation, etc.

Our pains, illnesses, diseases are messages to us. Although one can be cured of a specific disease without learning the message, it will often then  show up as something else, or in another way, to help us to learn what we need to learn. The Universe is constantly sending us messages. We just don’t pay attention. (For example, I know that when all my batteries start to fail simultaneously, it is time for me to slow down.) The healing work I do often helps people, and animals, to see, hear, or just get the message, in order to learn what they need to learn to truly heal.

One of my clients was going through a painful relationship issue. I knew that her message was one of bringing herself what she most feared, yet I felt that she needed to get that message in a unique way. While we were on the phone, one of her dogs brought a rabbit into her dining room and dropped it at her feet–something he had never done before. She was astounded. Rabbit speaks to that particular issue about fear and very clearly was the answer she needed. She got the message!

Often, when working with someone’s pain that is intractable, when nothing is working, there is a part of themselves that they have been disowning and need to embrace in order to heal. Using visualization and energy healing with animal medicine, and using Meridian Tapping and EmoTrance healing for emotional freedom, I teach people how to integrate their shadow and to have total self-acceptance–a prerequisite for true healing.

Energetic Flower Essence Bouquets

I work with energetic flower essence bouquets of over 700 individual flower essences which provide healing for all kinds of emotional issues. They often help individuals physically as well. These bouquets are provided timed-release to be with the person or animal in their daily life over time. The essence bouquets sometimes go with a chronological healing for a previous time-frame, or with other healing services I do. I am intuitively led to which essences a person or animal would benefit from at a particular point in time. When I send energetic flower essence bouquets, people often smell lovely aromas during the session and afterwards.

At a holistic fair where I was doing healing, I informed a woman that she would benefit from a Hibiscus essence bouquet. She smiled, turned around, lifted the back of her blouse, and revealed a large Hibiscus tattoo! When I told another woman she could use Chaparral, she said she had just purchased a new home, model “Chaparral.”

When I inform people by email or phone contact which essences would be helpful to them, they usually tell me that the information about the essences I choose for them makes perfect sense to them in terms of issues they are dealing with. And, they are often drawn to those flowers. Although these essences are specifically for mental, emotional, spiritual healing, I have often found clients’ physical problems dissolving too.

Space Clearing

The energetic space clearing I do is nothing short of phenomenal; it’s way beyond smudging, and feng shui principles are often not needed, and/or are much more effective after I do this work. Places, and often items, continue to hold the energies of previous people, events, stressers etc. When I energetically clear people’s homes, cars, workplaces, items, my clients are amazed by the way the place feels and looks differently: lighter, better, immediately. Many of them had been smudging their spaces; yet, their spaces felt much better to them, and they felt so much better in them after we had done the clearing work. Many of my clients have reported their body pain and tension lessen, and even their posture changing when I have cleared their homes or workplaces. Sometimes, we need to clear previous homes and workplaces, or cars that were in accidents, as the person is still tied energetically to those places, even if the cars were totaled, or the homes burned down.

One of my clients was able to remain working as a probation and parole agent after I cleared her workplace for her. She had been planning to resign because she would get depressed as soon as she got to work. Some people find they are able to leave places they were stuck in after our space clearing. Many clients who had problems selling their houses have gotten offers shortly after I cleared them. The space clearing clears out negative thought forms, memories, stressful emotions, negative entities, lost souls, etc.

When we are doing space clearing, I often need to energetically clear individual items that have been holding stressful energies, and that is best done together over the phone. I have my clients look or walk around in silence and I will stop them when I know specific rooms, areas and item need to be cleared. The items do not need to be removed, just energetically cleared. Often my clients will know why it needs clearing, and sometimes not. When we do this work over the phone, your immediate response will depend on whether you are more kinesthetic (in touch with your feelings), visual, or auditory. Some people report smelling pleasant aromas when I do the area clearings with them. Most people sense something going on. Your animals certainly do. You’ll find your spaces lighter, brighter, warmer, more pleasant to be in, and the people there, more pleasant too.

Please see Space Clearing and Testimonials pages for more information.

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Chronological Healing

I am told intuitively if a person or animal has important blockages related to specific time frames in this lifetime, or if past lifetime healing is needed. I provide Sound and Energy healing for those specific time frames, working on the issues from and the aura of the person or animal for that time period. People often tell me they know exactly what happened that was stressful during the time frames we are working on. If they don’t remember prior to the work, they often become very aware of those issues when we do the healing or afterwards. Chronological healing by itself is very powerful, and often works in concert with other of my work. Past lifetime healing clears old karmic issues brought into this lifetime, and we can retrieve and cleanse soul shards doing this work as well.

Water Crystal Healing

Water Crystal Healing is a process that gestated in my healing room for three years and was “birthed” early in 2009. It is derived from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on the effects of different thoughts/feelings/places/music, etc. on water. This healing works with the water within one’s body, and thus all of the cells, and over time. There are over 48 different water crystals I use in this healing process, and I intuit which would be helpful at this point in time. It is both very powerful and lovely to receive. People have reported wonderful results for both themselves and their animal companions with this work.

What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Susan, you are the healer's healer."

- Barbara Foster (animal communicator, veterinary technician), FL