Susan Grey’s Distance Space Clearing

Susan Grey’s remote SPACE CLEARING is cutting edge, phenomenal. Since 1985, Susan has been energetically clearing/healing people’s’ homes, land, workspaces, cars, items, etc. and, professionally since 1998, all over the world. Susan clears locations and items of stress and trauma held within them, old memories, stressful feelings, lost souls, negative entities. Immediately, the areas and items look/feel lighter, brighter. And so do the people involved. You and your animal friends will love this work!

Susan also clears previous locations, trauma, and items of negativity still impacting people: cars that were totaled, homes that burned down, rooms where people were abused, places where they were injured, war zones, etc. Where you may have been carrying stress in your bodies, possibly for years, the emotional charge is gone, and the tension, pain, and stress released.

Susan Grey’s space clearing releases lost souls and trapped energies/thought-form/feelings to an unconditionally loving Universe, where they are received and transformed, or, if the energies are extraordinarily negative and won’t be received and transformed, then they are confined where they cannot harm anyone. Some people notice pleasant aromas, whirling energies, interesting visual effects as Susan is clearing their spaces. There are immediate, lasting and profound noticeable effects when Susan does her space clearing.

You may notice the rooms or items looking brighter, clearer, bigger, the rooms more peaceful, airier. You will likely find yourself feeling lighter and more relaxed. Many people had already been smudging their spaces, doing feng shui; yet, their spaces feel much better to them, and they feel so much better in them after Susan clears them. Where you have been carrying tightness, tension, pain or discomfort, you will often feel it releasing immediately as we clear your places, even previous locations to which you are still energetically tied. Susan usually starts with space clearing if it is needed; doing that may actually eliminate the need for additional personal healing.

Family heirlooms, antiques, etc. can be holding energies from long ago that are negatively impacting the people who now have those items in their possession, or even in their memory. Items sometimes carry the stressful feelings that people had held from long before, and when Susan clears them, you can often feel the difference in your own bodies.

Amazing  Immediate Examples of Space Clearing Effects

When Susan is clearing photographs, the people or souls of the people in the pictures are also receiving healing; the pictures will actually look different, the people happier, more authentic. Jewelry being cleared will be prettier, clearer. Once when Susan cleared someone’s ring she was wearing, the color of the stone changed immediately from black to blue, and the woman’s finger stopped hurting.

Another time when Susan cleared a dresser mirror, the couple both exclaimed how much better their necks felt. There had been a Catholic Mass Card on the dresser mirror that Susan had not known about. That Mass had been for the funeral of the woman’s great aunt who had died falling down the stairs and breaking her neck.  And the couple had been carrying severe pain in their necks ever since then until Susan’s space clearing.

Some people find they are able to leave places they were stuck in, after their space clearing. Realtors who have Susan do distant space clearing of the homes they are having difficulty selling often soon find those homes under contract. And, even if you love your home you are selling, it feels great and yet it won’t sell, Susan can often help you to let it go so that a new owner can come to it.

If you are uncomfortable in your home, buying a new home, or selling your property, Susan can check it to see if it needs space clearing. Her clearing it for you will be both enlightening and freeing. If your business is failing, it may very well need space clearing to release blocked energy or negative thought-forms adversely affecting it.

Though Susan can sometimes do her distance space clearing without a phone consultation, usually it’s better to be on the phone with her because there may be specific items that need to be individually energetically cleared, and she can better hone in on them with you on the phone. She will ask you to look or walk around the room and tell you to stop when she intuitively senses something needs clearing. Your animals will often walk around with you as we do this work.

If you can visualize the space, she will not need for you to actually be there while she is doing the Space clearing work. You may keep the objects she clears, though you may decide it is time to let some of them go. People often find it easier to physically clean a room after she has energetically cleared it. You will usually immediately notice the change in the items, the rooms, and in how you feel if you are on the phone with Susan as she is clearing your objects and areas.

Susan can also clear hotel rooms for you if you are traveling, rooms you are holding workshops in, workspaces, hospital or nursing home rooms, etc. Susan’s space clearing also includes house blessings. Any work you choose to do with Feng Shui principles will be so much more effective after you have had your space cleared. You will be amazed!

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What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Susan, I am amazed! The painting of the woman you cleared which always bothered me now looks benign. She is smiling instead of looking evil! The vases with flowers on them are prettier, the flowers crisper and cleaner. The wood furniture is a prettier brown, whereas it had looked darker, more like black. The library bust of the English general seems not as stern, younger than it was....The other pictures are looking more 3 dimensional. The rooms all feel calmer, happier, lighter. Truly, it's amazing. It is unbelievable! And, my beloved dog is clearly happier after you sent her her healing, too! Thank you so much!"

- H. B. Atlanta, GA