Susan Grey’s Distance Animal Healing

Susan Grey is the only energy healer listed as a resource in the original hardcover version of the book “The Nature of Animal Healing,” by Martin Goldstein. D.V.M. She has been providing Animal Healing for dogs, cats, horses, birds, zoo animals, turtles, ferrets, iguanas, snakes, and more since 1984. She offered her healing free for people and animals everywhere for 14 years, from 1984 until 1998, when she began doing her healing work professionally. She is known all over the world as the Distance Healer of People, Pets and Places.  Susan does the same kind of healing with your animals that she does with people.

Miracles Do Happen

It’s official! The cat’s a miracle! …We saw the vet that had seen her when she first got sick and he couldn’t believe the change in her. She is 100% healthy old mog again! The vet said he has only seen a couple of cases where a cat has made a full recovery after being so ill . Initially, it looked as though Willow had liver cancer, which would have killed her in 4-6 weeks. In fact, Willow has even started to chase our dog Holly! As for Holly, she has really settled down… A final big thank you!”–Briony Price, UK

“Hi Susan, I took Inca to the show today, there was a noticeable difference in her demeanor:She wagged her tail at people, went for strokes, lay down and chilled out, wanted food. In the ring she was much more relaxed about everything, stood and also allowed the judge to look her over without moving, all in all a more chilled out girl in a number of ways.Thank you very much for your help.”
– Karen Thompson, England 

“Hi Susan, I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much we have both enjoyed Bhakti since your healing with her. She is out of her crate so much more and interactive. She previously enjoyed her walks but appears in less pain now she is even friskier on the walks. She has always been somewhat uncomfortable with a lot of petting but now cannot get enough. The contrast is remarkable! I know I sent you an earlier email about this but we can hardly believe the difference in the dog. Thank you so much!“
– C. L. Austin, Texas

My 28 year old Cockatoo has stopped plucking his feathers and my Parrot has resumed talking and singing after a silence. Susan Grey is my Angel.”  
-Judy Hillendahl, Houston TX

And, you came through again and healed 2 of our cats’ eye infections when the vet thought both cats would lose the eye. Susan, thank you so much for your amazing work!”
– RT, MA

You’ll find your animal companions very receptive to Susan’s Animal Healing. They usually get very relaxed and they often look all around when they are are receiving her distant healing. They can see and sense things their people usually cannot. The healing will continue to work with your animal companion over a period of time. You may notice immediate changes, and you may also notice more gradual ones. Please keep in touch with Susan to let her know how your animal companion is doing over time, as she may need to do some follow up healing. Though Susan never knows what will be the final results of the healing work she does, she has seen a lot of miracles. 

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Sometimes, animals ( and their people ) may also be adversely affected by the energies of your home or land, and Space Clearing may be needed. When Susan clears your homes, or if she is working with your healing, often your animals will come into the room to participate. Cats sometimes jump up onto items they want to be cleared. They are very intuitive, When I clear those items, the place and the items look/feel so much better. Some of her clients say their animals start smiling. You will definitely notice them noticing something going on, and enjoying it; animals are very sensitive and receptive to this work, to their healing, to clearing of your spaces, and to your healing if needed, as well. 

Because we are so closely connected to our animal companions, your animal friends may be reflecting some of the their people’s issues, so when you contact Susan for healing for your pets/ animal companions, you may also be discussing your own healing needs. Many people feel that their animal companions have actually brought them to Susan.

Susan can often help people find their lost animals/help them to return home. And, if your animal companion is readying to pass over, the healing work she does often helps both them and you with their transition.

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What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Hello, Susan, Today my dog Lucky was not just walking without a limp, he was running and full of life, his coat is shining which is something new. Many thanks to you and our friends in spirit. With love and light, Peter."

- P.T. Denmark