“Susan Grey offers fine-tuned precision work on the human body and energy system and groundbreaking, breathtaking space clearing where energetic walls and boundaries collapse to let in the light. One of the best healers in America today. – A.M.C., Queens, NY

“In addition to restoring my health, Susan has allowed me to love myself. She has given me confidence to do my job. Susan Grey is my Angel.” – Judy Hillendahl, Santa Fe

“Susan, you are the healer’s healer.” – Barbara Foster (animal communicator, veterinary technician), FL

“Susan is truly an amazing healer. She has done what twenty doctors couldn’t do for me. God bless you, Susan.” – Joy Lovett-Bishop, Alabama

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Distance Healing of People

“Hi Susan, Just want you to know that your healing work is so amazing.  The stubborn upper back pain where the scoliosis that has been bothering me for most of my life is 80% gone. I have had years of regular chiropractic work and massage therapy visits but never really helped. I still can’t believe it. You are such a miracle worker. I have booked another session. at the end of the month. Thank you again, -A. W. Vancouver, CA

Susan, you’ll remember I am your client from about 2 years back. Your healing has helped me so much. I am forever grateful for your work releasing me from years of ‘stuckness’ in ill health and mostly unclear emotional perspective. Thanks! Feel free to add this and the following more detailed testimonial to your website. I had a big problem: men seemed to avoid me. I am an attractive woman who seemed to have a gift in repelling men! Not only that, but I felt burdened and tortured after my divorce. I couldn’t seem to get beyond the guilt that I felt that had manifested in ill health and IBS. Turning to Susan for help was an odd choice for me-I had never used a healer before, but I was getting into spirituality and felt it may prove beneficial.

Susan’s method of giving my pain a voice shocked me at first, then then I realized that she was channeling all the pain I had bottled up inside of me. As we worked together my ring that my ex-husband had purchased for me in India began to burn my finger. I tossed it off and told Susan about it, who immediately began to clear the item. As she did this, an enormous burden lifted from me: it seemed that some bad energy had attached itself to the ring and therefore to me (it was my favorite ring and I wore it every day.) It took two sessions for me to fully release the burden around my divorce and ill health. The defining moment was when I actually felt whatever it was that had been blocking me leave my body. In the process, I nearly fainted and had to put my head between my knees.

It’s amazing that blocked negative energy had such a detrimental effect on my body, and that working with a healer as talented as Susan released those blocks and freed me to gain better emotional, physical, and mental well-being. I am incredibly grateful to Susan for all the work she did for me and heartily recommend her to anyone.” – SMB Boulder, CO

“Hi Susan, thank you very much. I don’t know how you get straight to the point, sometimes very deep hidden pain. And, clear or rather blast through to the core issue, how can I thank you? I have drudged through many years of counseling, healings and all sorts. I feel blessed that through the grey fog I found you. You have cleared my home, many heart felt wounds, and you have helped my mother’s dog. So far I have managed to keep her from having surgery…the tumor on her foot is going down, less than 24 hours since we spoke. She seems alert and fairly bouncy as a Springer should be. You truly are an earth Angel. Thank you for your pure kindness, patience, amazing insight, clarity and wisdom, for sharing your gift and caring so much.” – K.Dorsett, UK

Dearest Susan,  After having poor digestion for over 10 years, and trying almost everything to improve my health, I had some improvement but the digestive issues were very difficult to heal and remained poorly not matter what I did. When your digestion is no good, it doesn’t matter how much healthy food you eat, or what supplements you take, if you can’t absorb them properly, you just feel worn down all the time, other health problems occur and everything goes downhill.

After just one EFT/EmoTrance/Sound Healing, session with you, I am actually able to digest food properly again! For the first time in many years, I have this wonderful sensation of feeling better and feeling nourished after eating where usually I would feel dull and tired. I was blown away by how powerful that one session was. All the things I tried before were about as effective as chipping away at a massive rock with a tiny chisel. Then Susan came in with a block of dynamite and just blew the whole rock away. I have heaps more energy, and I wake up in the morning feeling healthy and rested, instead of tired and angry. Everyday I feel better and better.” – With gratitude, H.P. Australia”

“Susan, wanted to just offer an update. I feel no anger, no frustration, no regrets, no lack of patience. I am not sure how you manage such powerful work from so far away and in such a short space of time. It appears miracles do happen! My relationship with my Mum seems more natural and open and frankly cannot remember the last time I felt this. Another aspect is that my daughter actually asked me the other day ‘how come you’re not angry anymore mum?’ I hadn’t realized how angry I had appeared. My answer to her was that I genuinely didn’t feel the anger anymore. She smiled and it is still calm and easy. Not really sure there are any words that suffice to show appreciation of how you help, Susan. Thank you so much.” – SH, south of France

“Susan, Thank You for facilitating tremendous healing and growth in my pets and me. You create a relaxing and joyful healing space while guiding me in understanding the lessons my pets teach, and as they heal, I do, too. I delight in the quick and splendid results. Susan, I’m really blessed by the opportunity to work with wonderful You. You’re a healer, therapist, and coach all in one. I’m intrigued by the process and benefit from all the helpful resources you include. You quickly identify the core and shift it to health and wellness. I am grateful for the self-awareness that follows our work together. Thank You!” – S.S. Orlando, FLA

“I had been battling an ongoing issue in my life for several years. None of the many previous health professionals or healers I had contacted were able to resolve the issue completely. I took a chance and followed my intuition and contacted Susan. Not only was she able to help me resolve this issue completely, she did it with a compassionate heart and understanding. Where others failed, she succeeded, and I can’t put into words how grateful I am.: – Dawn, NYC

“Susan-Thank you from the depths of my soul for your amazing, compassionate work with me over the past two days. I feel so settled & happy, grounded, ready to move on, take my steps, in gratitude.” – Love, M.P. WI

“Dear Susan, Today has been the first day since the 6th February when I can say I have not spent most of the day in a state of mental or physical distress [or both]. In fact most of today I have enjoyed! I was able to sit and chat to my colleague taking over the night duty and felt relaxed and comfortable rather than being in a state of fear. He joined the team in April and had no idea I was this friendly person! It was really hard for me to trust that your healing would work, because when things have been difficult for such a long time it knocks one’s confidence. So basically this is to say thank you, thank you and thank you. If you want to use any of this on your website please do. Love, John.” – John D. London, UK

“I contacted Susan for help with a specific problem I was experiencing regarding receiving payment for a contract.  My wife had been working with Susan for a few months.  I had noticed changes in her, our pets, and our general household from these meetings, but I remained cynical.  In fact, I only contacted Susan when I had come to the end of my rope; feeling powerless, bewildered, and VERY frustrated.  I felt there was something blocking the flow of money and no matter all the t’s being crossed and the i’s dotted and me “trying” to be patient…the curse would not lift.  I had no idea what to expect and boy was I blown away. We spoke on the phone for about 45 min, during which Susan worked with me using EmoTrance and some EFT…all of which I had previously thought to be rather hokey sounding, but was blown away with the real physical sensations coursing through my body. 

We not only worked through issues surrounding abundance, but unlocked and released core childhood fears I did not even know I had.  The world is now a much brighter place and I am so grateful for the gifts she shared with me.  Oh, and the money was deposited into my account that very day…about 50% more than I had been expecting!!! The payments for the contract were not only brought current, but even paid ahead!!! wow…truly amazing.” – Tim Gallaugher, North Carolina

“Thanks so much, Susan!  I have had zero coke, chips, chocolate, candy, and today I’m going to EXERCISE!  Wow! Food is no longer my companion. I feel great.  Thanks a million! “- J.F., North Dakota

“For two years I have been diagnosed with Lupus and have had very swollen and painful joints, particularly my knees. I had arthritis in my lower back near the tailbone and would get sharp pains when I walk. I have gained 100 pounds in the last six years.  When I called Susan, I had pneumonia and had it bad.  I had been to the doctor and had to take strong cough meds to control a wicked cough. As Susan worked with me, my lungs cleared and I lost the cough, my knees were normal for the first time in two years and have remained so, my tailbone feels better.  From time to time it does cause a little discomfort but it gets briefer each time.

My eating habits have changed drastically.  I eat more fresh vegetables, no white carbs, and don’t crave sugar anymore.  I feel the need to go walking now, especially since I am without pain. My clothes are getting looser, I am on cloud nine. Susan is truly an amazing healer. She has done what twenty doctors couldn’t do for me. God bless you, Susan.” – Joy Lovett-Bishop,  Alabama

“I had a problem with my shoulders for 25 years, where every time I raised up my arms, it was excruciatingly painful to bring them down. The doctors I saw were not able to help. One session with you, Susan,  and the problem is totally gone!  And, you came through again and healed 2 of our cats’ eye infections when the vet thought both cats would lose the eye. Thank you so much for your amazing work!” – R.T., MA

“Hi Susan, A few updates: Last session we worked on clearing out my high school time frame.  The very next day I got an email (completely out of the blue!!) from my class secretary talking about an upcoming reunion.  Not only that, my high school best friend emailed me out of the blue to say hi (I hadn’t heard from her in a long time). Talk about Law of Attraction! My tailbone pain and my astigmatism cleared up completely–I can hardly believe it!  I have also lost about 3 lbs since we began the healing work and I’m exercising again.  My relationships have also been improving (slowly but surely).  I also started working with the Law of Attraction and Radical Forgiveness exercises and have had interesting results. I feel much more at peace.  I’ve really come to realize that people are mirrors of ourselves and that I attracted my circumstances. Thanks so much for the last session!  The effects were miraculous!” – T.L. CT

“Susan, I would like you to know that I am doing very, very well. The changes that started happening in my life after our session have been astounding!!! I have completely changed my eating habits.  I no longer struggle with food. I have lost 14 pounds and feel confident that the other 40 will come off as well. I no longer eat red meat at all and do not miss it. This, coming from the biggest steak lover ever!!” The inflammation that I had that was out of control, (C-Reactive Protein) is now gone!!! I feel so much better. My blood pressure has stabilized so much (for the 1st time in 8 years) that the doctor has cut my dosage in half. I credit these changes to the help you’ve given me. All the years of therapy didn’t get me the results I got in one session with you.  Thank you so much for the patience, the healing, the wisdom, and the love that flows from you so freely.” – Rebecca Parker, MI

“I was once a happy, vibrant person.  People used to say I had a ‘glow’.  And then I became sad and hopeless and in pain so bad I had to take chemotherapy once a week to control it. I feel like the luckiest person in the world since I connected with Susan. …  After clearing my bedroom, she zeroed in on my pain from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  For the first time in years, I could stand up straight. In addition to restoring my health, Susan has allowed me to love myself.  She has given me the confidence to do my job.  She has done Emotional Freedom Technique work and Chronological healings with present and past life issues bringing me the most amazing revelations.  She has done healing for all my pets. Most noticeably, my 28 year old Cockatoo has stopped plucking his feathers and my Parrot has resumed talking and singing after a silence. Susan Grey is my Angel.” – J.H., Santa Fe, NM

“After having an extremely stressful year due to personal problems, in which I wouldn’t even leave the house by myself, one session with Susan left me with much inner peace, contentment and a deep feeling of well being. I was so excited and energized I immediately loaded up my young son for a day of fun in the sun at the river, something I wouldn’t have had the energy or desire to do before. Another pleasant side effect of Susan’s treatment (I had not told her about these problems) was a sudden disappearance of a nasty rash that wasn’t healing, and the instant healing of a stiff neck I’d had for the past 5 years. Now I can look both ways fully and freely. ” What a relief”, in more ways than one. Thanks, Susan!” – D.O., MO

“Dear Susan, after talking with you on the phone, I feel 10 years younger. I feel lighter and more peaceful.  I am experiencing more joy and ease in my life. You are an amazing woman.  Your gift is truly unique.  Thanks.” – M.B. in sunny Southern California

“Dear Susan, I cannot put into words what your assistance today means to me. I feel as if a cloud has been lifted from all around my being. I look forward to updating you as I move forward.” – DL, CO

“I first contacted Susan a couple of years ago and ordered several healings and clearings which seemed to be very good indeed and I would recommend this healing work to anyone.  About 8 months ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, contacted Susan again and she assisted me again. They told me if they operated I may well be paralyzed down one side of my body. When I got to having further scans, the tumor seemed to be healing.  When I got to surgery and they did final scans, I only had slight brain damage which they operated on, and it went quite smoothly.  I accredit much of my recovery to Susan’s work with me.  I find her work remarkable, her fees fair and reasonable,  and would not recommend anyone else. I had practically been round the web having this healing and that healing, all of which lack the wumpf Susan’s has.” – John Roberts, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

“I can honestly say that working with Susan has helped me change my life in all possible ways. I feel emotionally and spiritually more open to the world and more able to experience its beauty and joy.  I am able to use my mind and my memory in more sophisticated ways of learning.  And I am physically healthier than any time in my adult life.  Susan’s ability to pinpoint my main issue, her compassion in explaining it to me, her sense of humor and her own joyful presence all combine to help me integrate the healing we do together.  I enthusiastically recommend Susan’s work.” – R.B., CA

“The weight of the world was not just on my shoulders but was upon my very being. If you have been there, or are there now, you know just what I am talking about. That is where I was when I first met Susan Grey. The creature that stalked me most, was fibromyalgia, my constant companion for over 20 years. I tried everything and there seemed to be no relief to be found. Then there were numerous other complaints, asthma, bloating, swelling. Not to mention the fact that I was just about plain ready to give up on living. All I had was pain and suffering. It was getting hard to wake up in the mornings. And harder to face my daily routine. Then God sent help, real help. A kind and loving soul named Susan Grey. I found her site and sent her an email. When she answered me I knew I had found someone to help lead me out of the desert.

The difference I felt with our first phone consultation was out of this world! Immediately the weight lifted. The pains I had felt for so long began to fade and fade quickly. The past hurts that had been inflicted on me either by others or even myself, also began to fade. The memory is there, but the pain is gone. They are no more than a faint wisp of smoke. There is a big difference in that and standing in a smoke-filled room trying to breathe. That wisp can be easily dispersed with a soft wave of your hand. If you need help, I urge you to contact Susan. Help is at hand if you will but accept it. I can live now and enjoy life! And, so can you. Bright Blessings,” – Martha Ferguson, Mt. Airy, N.C.

“Susan is a very warm and available healer.  From the onset, I felt that she was ‘there’ for me.  Her intuitive reading for what time frame in my life needed healing and what flower essences I needed was simply stunning.  She hit the nail right on the head.  After getting the initial reading from Susan, we set up an appointment for the actual healing session. During the healing session, Susan was very in tune with what was going on with me. I felt a very surprising lightness enter my being within during the session.  I felt like an invisible load was removed off of me.  Her ability to listen objectively without judgment and with compassion was very heartwarming.  She seemed to have a very keen ear to what was really wrong with me and her ability to use EFT on the spot for it was extremely rewarding. The session was extremely insightful and deeply moving and not just in the ‘touchy feely’ way that you often get from many people in the area of energy healing. 

With Susan, I sensed a uniqueness found with very few energy healers and that there really is something to her work. There is some kind of power behind it.  Not just some imagined ability or power. That day I told a friend about what had happened with me.  She called Susan for herself and her dog.  Susan’s readings were accurate again and the healing that Susan performed healed the dog’s sour disposition and physical pain.  My friend’s entire family are still talking abut the quick and stunning turn around in the family pet’s health.  My friend herself said she felt much better emotionally on the inside. She too talked about a certain lightness of being that wasn’t there before.

I have recommended several other people to contact Susan and when I have done it, I have done it with confidence.  Unlike many other energy healers, Susan is clearly not making money her primary or one of her primary goals.  Neither is she wrapped up in a lot of psychobabble and mumbo jumbo.  She is about getting results. She is forward, available, honest and frank.  She has a mission and the mission, you feel, comes first.  That mission is helping broken people, broken animals and broken hearts be healed. She cares. Susan, thank you for your kindness.” – RS, PA

“Susan is a powerful healer of all things spiritual, emotional and physical. The first time I called her, over a year ago, I was in a lot of pain. By the end of my phone conversation that pain subsided and two days later was completely gone. Where weeks of traditional medicine and physical therapy had failed, within two days, Susan’s work and teachings succeeded!

I am a professional singer and actress doing 8 shows a week on tour for over two years now. The show is an hour and a half of nonstop dancing and singing, with four of us singing most of the 28 numbers in the show. A few months ago my voice started to fail. I called Susan, desperate after trying many different forms of healing from energy work and Chinese herbs to traditional Western medicine. I told her that I did not have the luxury to take time off….Susan not only helped me over the course of the next ten days, but began immediately with a general healing and animal medicine reading before we even spoke until we could begin the work together.

She not only helped me get through the performance that night, she worked with me to free myself, my living space and my spirit so that I could truly heal….My voice is back and stronger with each performance. I can feel the lump of tissue the doctors told me had formed on my chords (that could possible turn into nodes that would require surgery) simply fading away. Each day I am filled with the energy of healing and growth. Not only has my voice come back, but I am physically, emotionally and spiritually shifting back to the person I want to be. I didn’t even realize that person was fading until the days that followed my work with Susan.

One cannot deny the immediate physical sensations and clear breath that comes from a conversation with Susan, nor the long term effects that linger and bring about healing in unexpected ways. She is so giving of her gifts and her time, and I look forward to recommending her to those I love, as she was recommended to me! Thank you, Susan!!!” – Stephanie Pascaris, Dearbourn Heights, MI

“Good morning Susan, Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been receiving very nice compliments lately from people saying that I’ve been looking really great! (not that I looked bad before…but you know what I mean). A friend here at school even wondered if I’d had ‘something done’!!!! Ha! I told her about my session and I said I’m sure it’s that I’ve had some “negative (for want of a better word) energy removed…perhaps I should say some heavy energy has been lifted! I’m sure what people are seeing is that my energy is lighter. I’m continuing to feel very well…spirits up. Thought you’d get a kick out of this. Now you can truthfully say a beauty treatment is included with their session! Will keep you apprised. All the best, Anne. “- Anne F. , PA

“For anyone looking to improve their health, focus, and mental clarity among other things, Susan Grey can help you achieve these goals. What is even more impressive is that much of her ability becomes clear to the caller within the first time you speak with her. I sustained cracked ribs days before we first spoke, and almost immediately pain went away to the extent I did not even realize I had done anything. When I saw the results of x-rays at my regular doctor, he offered painkillers days later…I told him that I had not felt pain in the rib area for days. He looked at me perplexed, and I started thinking of Susan’s gift....She is not a one stop shopping spree that will enlighten someone forever in one hour but clearly has the ability to realign your life in a very positive way…Additionally, she sounds grounded, and clear-minded, coming up with many insightful comments as well as the prescribed healing you have embarked on.” – E.E. Fla

“The last 7 years of my life have been the most challenging times of my life. I turned 50 years young this year and in my mind I thought I would have a strong spiritual, financial and emotional foundation to stand on. But instead I was facing 3 divorces, unspeakable emotional pain, intense physical pain (gout and kidney stones), jail time and to top it all off I was smoking  $80 of meth a day. The one thing I had going for me during this time was perseverance and a tiny flame of hope. Deep inside me I had hope that things would get better one day and they have big time!

In one weeks time working with Susan I have absolutely no desire to use again and my emotional pain has been mended. I have a whole new outlook on life now. Susan Grey is the real deal….a true gifted healer. Susan’s work is powerful and she heals at the core level and she does with grace.” – S. Q. California

“Susan, You’re a Gifted Genius! That was an incredible healing! EmoTrance is a very logical technique. Because I was sex-ploited by my father at an early age…and HATED it, what I was resisting continued to persist throughout my life which explains why I kept attracting the same type of man. That was a huge revelation to me!! I LOVE the Emo Trance technique. I just bought the Messages From The Body book from Amazon and will continue to visit the EmoTrance.com website. Thank you so much….I feel like a huge black cloud has been lifted and I will begin to look at the situation in a totally new light.  :-)” – S. Z. AZ

“For the past five years, Susan Grey has played a big role in my life. With her warmth, humor and miraculous talent for healing, she has helped my family and friends (both human and canine to release the issues (and emotions) that had caused mental and physical dis-ease in our lives. From comas to cancer to chronic skin rashes, irregular heartbeat, head lice, disabling headaches, to any number of relationship problems–Susan has ushered in healing resolutions to dissolve those long-held obstacles–on many levels–for so many people I can scarcely count! I am grateful to count Susan as one of my most treasured friends and I highly recommend her to all seeking healing and wholeness in their lives.” – L.C. Conn.

“I was suffering with terrible dizziness and lethargy every day for months. I seemed to have lost all my energy that I used to have. I found Susan Grey on the internet and she assisted me with a room clearing as well as emotional healing and clearing of energy blocks. Since she worked on me, all my dizziness is gone and my energy is back. I am no longer lethargic and feel great. In my opinion Susan is a blessing to mankind. She is kind, patient, and extremely gifted with incredible abilities. I plan to recommend her to everyone I know.” – Kimberly P, Woodinville, WA

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Distance Healing of Pets


Susan, I want to thank you again for the healing work you did for both me and my kitty, Waldo.  Wanted to update you. 

It has helped me in that I feel lighter and happier and for the life of me the matters with my mom that hung heavy aren’t even in my consciousness anymore.  I can’t really hold onto what they were in detail unless I’d really struggle to try (which I’m not going to do) let alone any heavy feelings involved with them.  This is so wonderful.

Waldo seems to be doing better.  He hasn’t thrown up or had any bowel issues.  He has maintained the same weight since I weighed him a week ago and most of all, the tumor or bump that I felt in his throat has shrunk and I can barely feel it now.  It’s still there, but feels more like a small pea.  The only symptoms left are that he still meows around the house quite a bit and he may still be a little more active than before his diagnosis, but this may just be part of who he is and I do feel he is feeling well as he loves his petting time and he spends a lot of time sitting with me purring.

I know your healing work has helped me greatly and feel it has done the same for Waldo.  Thank you so very much, Susan.  You are amazing!  May you be richly blessed. With Gratitude,” -C.H. Omaha, NE

I was at my wits end. My daughter and I had been to several vets, spent hundreds of dollars on testing which all came back “normal” but our 10 year old rescue cat Neko was having daily diarrhea and vomiting and had lost so much weight we were afraid he would die if we didn’t stop this pattern soon. In desperation I googled “healers” and Susan’s name came up . I emailed her and expressed my fears and helplessness at watching Neko fade away before our eyes. Susan promised to help Neko and I had hope for the first time in months. Susan worked on distance healing Neko and I can tell you that for the first week since January Neko has stopped his symptoms and has started acting like his curious and playful  self again. It is truly a miracle! My daughter and I are so grateful to Susan for saving our baby ! “ Anne M, Maryland

“Hello, Susan, Today my dog Lucky was not just walking without a limp, he was running and full of life, his coat is shining which is something new. Many thanks to you and our friends in spirit. With love and light, Peter.” – P.T. Denmark

Good Morning, Susan. Just wanted to update you on Molly. She had her follow up examination. They found no new vitreal hemorrhages behind her eyes. In addition, the ones that were there are now completely gone. They originally told us it would take about 6-8 weeks for them to be reabsorbed. They were completely expecting to find more and they were stunned and nearly speechless. I am so happy and grateful. Thank you for your help!” -Brian Worley, Virginia Beach, Va.

“Hi Susan, I took Inca to the show today, there was a noticeable difference in her demeanor:- She wagged her tail at people, went for strokes, lay down and chilled out, wanted food. In the ring she was much more relaxed about everything, stood and also allowed the judge to look her over without moving, all in all a more chilled out girl in a number of ways. Thank you very much for your help.” – Karen Thompson, England

“Hello Susan, I just wanted to let you know that Dusty has been doing extremely well since your last healing just before New Year’s. Not a single seizure and she has just overall been looking and acting better most of the time. right now she is snoring on the couch right here next to me. We are all very happy about how well she is doing. Thanks SO much. Love, Helle Gylling,” – H. G. Kingsville, Ontario

“Hi Susan. Thought I’d share the really good news about Willow! She had all her blood tests and her repeat liver scan yesterday. Her bilirubin level (the stuff that made her go yellow!) should be 12. Last week hers was 50 and it has now gone down to 20. With the other 2 blood tests they did, 1 is back within its normal range and the other is just outside it, but has also dropped back significantly since last week. Even better than that though, is her liver  scan shows that her liver has gone totally back to its original size and with no obvious problems. I can’t tell you how thrilled my husband and I are about this! Providing she doesn’t relapse for some reason then we only have to go back to the vet in 2 weeks time for a check-up….

Update: It’s official! The cat’s a miracle! I just thought I’d let you know the latest on my cat, Willow….This week we were back at the vet for her normal annual checkup and booster shot. We saw the vet that had seen her when she first got sick and he couldn’t believe the change in her. She has put 5 lbs back on and is 100% healthy old mog again! The vet said he has only seen a couple of cases where a cat has made a full recovery after being so ill and that initially it looked as though Willow had liver cancer, which would have killed her in 4-6 weeks. In fact Willow has even started to chase our dog Holly! As for Holly , she has really settled down…Take care and a final big thank you!” -Briony Price, United Kingdom

Dear Susan, just wanted to let you know that Cookie is much improved and acting like her old self again. Thank you so much for intervening on her behalf. We thought she was a ‘goner.'” Edwin Mitchell, Norman, OK* My 28 year old Cockatoo has stopped plucking his feathers and my Parrot has resumed talking and singing after a silence. Susan Grey is my Angel.” -Judy Hillendahl, Houston TX

“…And, you came through again and healed 2 of our cats’ eye infections when the vet thought both cats would lose the eye. Susan, thank you so much for your amazing work!” – RT, MA

“Hi Susan, I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much we have both enjoyed Bhakti since your healing with her. She is out of her crate so much more and interactive. She previously enjoyed her walks but appears in less pain now she is even friskier on the walks. She has always been somewhat uncomfortable with a lot of petting but now cannot get enough. The contrast is remarkable! I know I sent you an earlier email about this but we can hardly believe the difference in the dog. Thank you so much! -C. L. Austin, Texas

“Dear Susan, Awhile ago, you sent healing to my dog, Tessa. I’m happy to report that she’s doing MUCH better! In fact, the vet was astonished when she looked at the results of an MRI that was done for Tessa. Although Tessa still has the brain syndrome that is quite common among her breed – all the “secondary symptoms” (pain, seizures, effects to the spinal column) of the syndrome are GONE!! THANK you, Susan!! God bless you.” – T. N.,  Finland

“Hi Susan, Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how well things have been going.  My horse Ikaros and I have never had so much fun and I can’t remember feeling so confident out riding with him, he’s an absolute joy!  A big thank you to you for helping me!!” – Jackie Murphy, Berkshire, United Kingdom

“Susan, after your first session with my dog Daisy, her carotid pulse slowed down. I noticed a significant difference in her energy. She went for a walk that lasted an hour almost, which she hasn’t done in a about a year. Her spirits are better too. She has had levity she hasn’t had in a long timeDuring your recent second session with her, (a month later,) about 30 minutes into her healing, her right shoulder, which is normally really tight relaxed, her arm elongated. She’s very supple now. It’s awesome. Her breath reached down into her hips. Her whole body began to breathe more. It’s amazing! I will keep in touch.” – L.L. Toronto, Ontario

“What can I say?  Susan is nothing short of amazing!  Miss Emily – my 4 1/2 year kitten is now a changed and once again happy pussy cat – thanks to Susan.  When I contacted Susan for a reading on Miss Emily- she  suggested a bouquet essence and a clearing for her 3-4 year time frame.  Susan was right on target- as that time frame was a profoundly sad time for all of us – as my husband and I lost several people very close to us and were forced to board Miss Emily several times.  During that time – Miss Emily’s personality had changed drastically – she was no  longer vocal, didn’t play with her toys, stopped hanging out with us and started climbing on my night stand and jumping on my head in the middle of the night. 

Susan performed a bouquet essence and a clearing for Miss Emily as recommended.  When Susan completed the clearing – she mentioned that Miss Emily was deeply sad – most likely carrying around our sadness with her – as animals are unable to process emotions like humans.  Keeping in mind that the only information I provided Susan – was Miss Emily’s birth date- her abilities are phenomenal. Since the clearing Miss Emily is back to her chatty, playful self – constantly dragging her many toys throughout the house and is always close by or on my lap and has not jumped on my head since…She later performed a healing on me which has had a lasting and positive effect on my life.” – Tami Cramer, CT

“Hi Susan- Just wanted to let you know that Emmi had a follow-up visit to the vet and her liver enzyme levels are back to normal!! Much to the surprise of the vet I should add. She will still have to take a steroid for her liver to keep the hepatitis in check but her recovery is very strong! Thank you so much for your assistance as I have no doubt that’s why her diagnosis is as positive as it is. All the best, – D.A. Sonoma, CA.

“Susan, I wanted to let you know what happened with Buttons, my cat you worked on!  From the time you did your  healing work with her, she lost her fear of noises and other people. Also, she now will sit on my lap, and sleeps with me, which she wouldn’t before. She is so much more relaxed. Thank you so much!” – Denise M. CA

“Dear Susan. I went down to ride Jasper today and expected the worst as he hasn’t been on joint food for a WHOLE WEEK. However I lunged him first and saw no stiffness except for a tiny bit in his left front leg. I then rode him in the arena and he was barely stiff at all! The improvements are amazing. A few months ago if Jasper wasn’t on his joint food for a week he would have been not rideable. Today I was riding him just about all day and we had so much fun. I also feel a difference about him, there’s now an extra sparkle in his eyes and he has never been happier. Jasper and I can’t thank you enough for your help and ongoing support. Yours sincerely,” – Jane, U.K.

“Susan worked on my dog Luna, who had been limping for a while, inexplicably.  I couldn’t believe, that, while on the phone with Susan, Luna’s limp went away and has not reappeared.  Susan also did healing essences on Luna, when we recently moved.  One specifically to release her inner child (puppy).  Luna has been experiencing a lot of new friends in her house and is running and playing like she hasn’t in years (she is 10).  She has adjusted to the move very well.  Susan also cleared my old house and bedroom and several months later, I moved out of a place I had been stuck in for 10 years and bought my first house.  Big movement in my life after a period of stagnation.  Trusting her process and letting go allows for major change when working with Susan.” – Kirsten McKamy, CT

“I found Susan without specifically looking for a distance healer and felt a connection with her even before talking with her.  She worked with my companion Zachary (one of my canine pack members) and I, to clear our pain and grief from a past life together.  I felt that this was really crucial as Zachy had just experienced his second stroke and I found out after the healing, has cancer. Susan also did some MUCH needed clearing of my home and worked with me on a specific issue with Emotional Freedom Technique..  Her gifts are amazing!  Zachy is doing really well!   He’s moving normally again, post-stroke and running around like a puppy at 13 1/2 years old.  I feel much more grounded in my life.  I also feel much more grounded in facing the day, when my Zachary leaves this physical life to move on to the other side.  I am making decisions, to move toward a life that I want to live, and have moved away from fear based decisions.  I thank Susan for sharing her gifts and her love.  She is truly an earthly angel in my life!” – S.L. MI

“Dear Susan, I want to let you know how much better my cat, Emily, is. She still scratches some, but not nearly as much. The redness around her eyes from allergies has healed. Her breathing is back to normal! She is eating again with relish, and is staying awake much more. She has taken an interest in what is going on around her again and has even started playing a little!(she’s 12 years old.) It was not a sudden healing, but rather a gradual improvement each day, so that at first, I didn’t notice it Thank you so much for helping her and God bless you, Susan , for the work you do.” – Linda, Hamden, CT

“Dear Susan Grey, I phoned you approximately a month ago about our dog Shiloh. He was having a difficult time laying down without crying and I was so upset. I hate taking any drugs and I did not want to give him Metacam. You were so very kind, spoke to him and did a healing with Water Crystals and you also worked on me. My husband and I (and Shiloh) would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your healing. We can’t believe how he instantly stopped crying when he lays down. He has improved in so many other ways that it feels like we have our old Shiloh back again.

He is so much more playful, he takes longer walks, and he has so much more energy. He wanders around the yard sniffing and enjoying roaming around and you can see he enjoys doing it, before he just seemed to wander and would just stand there and seem dazed. There are just no words to express our gratitude. I now that God showed me to phone you and I am certainly glad I did. My husband and I are going to be contacting you again for some work on ourselves. Thank you so very much. With Love and Light,” – Alan and Yvonne Dominik, Manitoba, Ca.

“I lost Paco on a hike in the wilderness very close to South Boulder Creek in Colorado. I searched for 6 days and nights, every night and morning going back to the same vicinity and calling for him, hanging flyers, and calling everyone I could get a hold of to find his location. Finally, 7 days later and with a heavy heart, I called Susan Grey and asked her if she could tell me whether Paco was still alive. She said yes. My excitement was beyond words. She directed me to the same vicinity that I had been searching in all week. I searched diligently for hours to no avail. Finally, without hope I drove home in the dark. (note from Susan: I  cleared the area where Paco got lost, and sent him some healing  for both his physical and emotional health, and to help him to get home.)

When I got home I immediately got a phone call from a man who lived a couple of miles from where I lost Paco in a very remote area accessed only by 4 wheel drive vehicles. He said that he had just found a tired hungry little dog and he was able to coax him hesitantly into his house. He read his tag and called me. He also told me that the previous day he had seen 2 bobcats in his front yard. I’m eternally grateful to Susan for helping Paco find his way home after surviving the dangers of Mountain Predators, Cold Weather and Snow. Thank You Susan and Bless your heart!!!” – Tim Hagaman, CO Click Here to Request Healing

Distance Healing of Places

Susan, we really can’t thank you enough for your help. Feeling safe within our home changes our lives! You are an incredible woman and I bring you up in conversation as often as I can! Below is my testimonial about my experience with the house clearing. Hope all is well with you and once again, thank you!!!!

I cannot overstate the impact Susan has had on our home and our lives. My husband and I purchased a hone in Alaska a little over a year ago and from the day we moved in I always  felt something was off. I wasn’t sure what, and no one around me felt it so I did nothing. Eventually I couldn’t ignore the feeling any longer and reached out to a local healer to see if she could clear our home. She said she didn’t feel able to do it remotely, so I went to the internet. I searched through a few different sites and none of them felt right until I can to Susan Greys. I was extremely nervous about the whole thing to say the least, but as soon as we got started, all nervousness went away.

Talking on the phone, we went room by room, clearing each as we went, until the whole house was done. We would walk in, get a feeling for the room, leave while Susan cleared it, and then return to see how we felt. The differences were wild! There were rooms I’ve always felt scared of, and after Susan cleared it, I’d walk back in and stretch my arms, and laugh, knowing the space had been reclaimed and filled with love, I know Susan faced dark things within our home, but she stayed light hearted, confident and in control throughout the whole clearing This is a testament to her ability as a healer. I finally feel truly safe in our home. If anyone out . there is like me and just has a bad feeling about a place, please, trust those feelings and call Susan because she is a wonder, powerful being of light and love who can help you!” – Emily E.


Susan, you are a miracle worker. After you did the space clearing on my workspace, it has been vibrant. We held an annual function that was the best it’s been in 20 years. Most important, a long standing work problem that I have had resolved itself completely, within 3 weeks of working with you. We also received a $30,000 donation that was a ‘surprise.’ This is all less than four weeks after working with you. And, a key alliance of my workplace who had moved away walked in today unannounced to tell me he had moved back to town and, “how can I help.” Really!!! Your work is amazing. It only took 3 weeks and things have totally unfolded in a way better than I could have imagined.” – H.U., CA

Hello, Susan! Just wanted to let you know that your healing has brought a beautiful essence of peace into my home. Feels wonderful! I feel so different! Minnie and I are continuing to enjoy it. I think we’ll have to do one for Lucky too! He’s feeling a bit left out!” – Tessa Avignon, CA

“Hi Susan: Just wanted to tell you that all the mold and musty odor from #206 has gone completely! I no longer wake up itching and it is such a blessing. Thank you so much. I have not had any chocolate or ice cream since our session on Saturday. When I get the sugar crave I reach for a piece of fruit or a few cherries. And I have slowly started walking again. The asthma symptoms are less and less and I am truly rejoicing! And, Nicholas’ vocal cords healing was truly a miracle!” – Ann Eller, AZ

Susan, I am amazed! The painting of the woman you cleared which always bothered me now looks benign. She is smiling instead of looking evil! The vases with flowers on them are prettier, the flowers crisper and cleaner. The wood furniture is a prettier brown, whereas it had looked darker, more like black. The library bust of the English general seems not as stern, younger than it was….The other pictures are looking more 3 dimensional. The rooms all feel calmer, happier, lighter. Truly, it’s amazing. It is unbelievable! And, my beloved dog is clearly happier after you sent her her healing, too! Thank you so much!” – H. B. Atlanta, GA

“Susan was somewhat of a construction worker at my home. … thorough clearing of my house. Honestly, it feels as if every wall was moved outward, enlarging each room. I have for the past year and a half had many things occur in my life that one could easily identify as negative. The experience of working with her was very interesting, very calming and at the same time very energizing. We worked together over the phone – amazing!!!! In the past I would make it 1/2 way up the stairs to my 2nd floor. An ominous feeling would come over me every time. I wouldn’t venture up the stairs without the light on. It now feels like I am walking up a staircase that leads to a tranquil place, a safe place. It honestly feels (I can’t describe the feeling adequately) when I walk up stairs-no light necessary!! The colors of my walls are calmer, the woodwork more beautiful, the floors shinier, the air lighter, I sense now that I own not only this home but this space. I am after 1 1/2 years happy in my home. Thank you, Susan.” -Lindy Mueller, WI

“Susan. I didn’t know that the energy after you move out of a place can still affect certain of my physical body, emotions, spirit, etc. (As soon as you cleared those 3 rooms in one of the places where I used to live,) I am feeling lighter and more freed up…like a weight has been lifted and a veil of heavier energy has been removed. Thank you! You are very gifted. Love, Meg.” -M.B. Carpenteria, CA

“Susan, I wanted you to know that now my son is sleeping happily in his own bed and the boys and aninals love to play in there! I am so grateful that my happy home has been returned to its crazy fun state that I always imagined, but even better! It is like I don’t even have the memory of what it was like before. Emotional Freedom indeed!! No heartstrings binding me to any other time.  I feel content with my present and finally at peace after many, many years. Thank you again!” T.J. Western MA.

I am amazed at Susan’s gift and joy in sharing it. She is amazingly intuitive and, how else to say it, her treatments really work!!!!  My house and even my body feel lighter and brigher, everywhere I look after my session with Susan. I intend to work with her again in the future since I’ve let my inner life get really off-track!!! Whether you need a quick light fix, or deeper inner work, Susan is a wonder. M.M. Austin, TX

Susan, I wanted to let you know that since you recently cleared our place and I spoke to you, I have only seen about 3 ants in Kaila’s room,  and today they seem to  have completely gone away. This is pretty amazing to me b/c since we moved here in October, they have been all over our house. And, they are all gone now. My daughter and I walk around the house singing our “patience” song. (Susan taught her that ants are here to teach us patience and suggested she make up a song about patience to sing with her almost 4 yr. old daughter. She used no chemicals on the ants.) That really struck with me. I have been practicing being more patient too, which really comes in handy with 2 small children. As a family, we all feel more relaxed...

Plus, my realtor was really uncomfortable with my next door neighbor’s front lawn. She said it could detract from people looking at our house. They had a dead pine tree and am almost dead lawn. But since our house was cleared they have removed the dead tree and had a lawn crew over there yesterday prepping the lawn for new sod. My realtor was amazed! Shje will be contacting you for herself. We are saying our gratitude prayers like you said and intending for multiple buyers to come our way…Thank you for everything!” Laura Donohue, FL

Hi Susan, I just wanted to touch base with you since you cleared our house and did a healing for me and my dogs.  My back feels great! I’t’s so nice to have no pain…it’s amazing.  The next day after you cleared our house, Iris started walking on 4 legs again.  Amazing. So that’s the scoop. I am so grateful that I found you. Thank you!” Teri Thompson, San Rafael, CA

I was guided to Susan’s website and called her for healing for my cockapoo mix dog Mahtsi and also for myself. She immediately picked up on the fact that my workspace needed clearing and suggested some flower essence bouquets for us.  After  the workspace was cleared the energy felt so much better in the office-the next day when I got to work it was so much brighter (literally) in the office-almost as if someone had turned the lights on that were not on before. I had no headache or nausea that day either, and haven’t since. I had been having nausea and headaches for several months at work.  Often I could not keep any food down, and had to go home from work.

She did healings for Mahtsi and me that evening.  Mahtsi is doing much better and is now much more relaxed. I felt warm for the first time in months and although I thought I was very relaxed when the session started my shoulders dropped even more-no headache when I woke up. Susan has a very powerful and special healing energy. I am so glad I found her. D.A.T. Arkansas

Susan, I feel very Blessed to have you in my life. I wanted to let you know that I have felt a shift during the sessions as well as after! It was such a shift that it was as though a hundred lights went on at the same time! The pain in my shoulders and knees disappeared while we were on the phone. after you cleared my office I no longer felt OVERWHELMED nor constrained and unable to function. I am able to complete tasks that I start…

I feel more joyful inside, more playful and not so serious minded; more clarity and more empowered without the “issues” attached to the power…And my car (which you sent healing to and taught me about its metaphor for my life) runs much smoother, and no longer chugs and coughs…and, by the way, no longer smokes! You have a wonderful gift, and do a GREAT JOB. And, you know what? It is sooooo fast! I just love it-I am so grateful to the person that shared you with me (smile).” Y.E., FL

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