Healing Services and Fees

Thank you for your healing request. Susan can usually accomplish a LOT in a short period of time. Her Distance Healing sessions are scheduled for 60 minute appointments. If more healing is needed at the end of the hour, the session may be extended if you and Susan both have time available, with the understanding that her fees are partially dependent on the amount of time of the session. Or you  may decide to schedule  follow-up sessions to more fully complete your healing process. Some of Susan’s clients require only one session; others require more, depending upon their individual circumstances.

Some of Susan’s distance healing services are briefly detailed below. You may read more thorough, detailed information about Susan Grey and many of her distance healing services on her Distance Healing, About SusanSpace Clearing,  and Animal Healing pages.  Please do look at what many of Susan’s clients have been  saying about her work with them on her Testimonials page (see below.) Susan looks forward to helping you and yours move forward in your lives with greater health, joy and ease.

Session Fees:

So that people without a lot of resources may also benefit from her work, Susan now offers her healing sessions on a sliding fee scale. You  decide what to pay Susan for her distance healing services, based upon the length of your healing session, the value of her healing work to you, and your ability to pay. She is willing to accept payments over time, if need be. And she graciously accepts more from people who can and feel inspired to pay her more than she requests in her sliding fee scale.

Sliding Fee Scale:   $150 – $250 U.S. per HOUR.

Susan’s payment page, providing a variety of ways to pay for her services after your work with her, can be found here or on the payment link at the bottom of all of her pages. Susan’s blog, short as it is, given everything else she’s doing, may also be found at the bottom of any of her pages.  Do check her blog out.  It’s definitely worth reading. 🙂

Testimonials. See what people say about working with Susan 

Schedule Your Session with Susan


  • SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION WITH SUSAN GREY USING THIS LINK: calendly.com/distancehealerYou will be redirected to  her calendar app, where you’ll choose a time and date for your session. ( If none of the time availability slots in her calendar will work for you due to either your time zone difference or to a very urgent situation, please schedule a time and also email her at  [email protected]  to specify that the time scheduled won’t work for you and why. That way she will get the information she needs for your healing session from the form you complete and she can arrange a different time by email that will work for you both. )
  • As soon as you schedule on line, you’ll see and complete her healing request form detailing your information and healing needs. This will be sent immediately to Susan along with your scheduled appointment time.  You’ll receive an automatic email acknowledgement of your healing request and the time scheduled.  Again, do email her after you submit the form if the time won’t work. Her email address is [email protected]  Your healing session with Susan will be conducted either by phone or on one of the many video chat apps that will work for you both.  You’ll love her work!

Some of Susan’s Healing Services for both people and animals are listed below. Susan will intuit what healing is needed, as she is doing the work with you. She is an exquisite listener and incorporates holistic counseling into her energy healing work. 

TRAUMA CLEARING  ( healing/clearing  of accidents, abuse, any “defining moment” incidents, etc. The memory of the incident changes, PTSD symptoms, emotional and often your physical pain, instantaneously dissolves.)

SOUND HEALING with Susan’s form of Emotional Freedom Release:  (empathic, unique releasing of feelings often buried within the body, unconscious blocks/stuck thoughts/feelings from body/mind/emotions/spirit. When we have an emotional charge to word/phrases, names, dates, etc. we are tethered to our dysfunctional issues related to them.)

WATER CRYSTAL HEALING: (evolved from Dr. Emoto’s research on water crystals, and works with all of the cells within the body immediately and over a period of time)

SPACE CLEARING (phenomenal, cutting-edge energetic clearing of any and all negativity held in places and items, past and present, adversely affecting people and animals )

FLOWER ESSENCES ENERGETIC BOUQUET (timed-release, intuitively determined energetic flower essences, from over 700 essences )

CHAKRA HEALING/CLEANSING/BALANCING (Chakra opening, balancing, cord dissolving or cutting of unhealthy cords from the Chakras )

CHRONOLOGICAL HEALING (healing one’s past time frames in this life including within the womb. )

PAST LIFETIME HEALING (healing of past lifetimes, clearing and releasing karmic issues from previous lifetimes )

What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Good Morning, Susan. Just wanted to update you on Molly. She had her follow up examination. They found no new vitreal hemorrhages behind her eyes. In addition, the ones that were there are now completely gone. They originally told us it would take about 6-8 weeks for them to be reabsorbed. They were completely expecting to find more and they were stunned and nearly speechless. I am so happy and grateful. Thank you for your help!"

- Brian Worley, Virginia Beach, VA