Healing Services and Fees

To request healing, please scroll down to fully read about the healing services and fees and complete the form near the bottom of the page. Susan looks forward to joining you on your healing journey!

Susan will determine intuitively how to best be of help to you and discuss this with you. Her sessions may include a number of her healing services, whatever she is guided to do for/with each individual she is working with. If needed, one of the first things Susan does at the beginning of her healing work with people is to easily and quickly, with her Sound Healing, eliminate any feelings of unworthiness to receive. Sometimes people’s religious upbringing or other childhood issues unconsciously instilled this belief into people, preventing them from receiving not only the Divine but often of receiving anything at all. People are often unaware they have been carrying this issue and find this, in and of itself, incredibly healing.

Some of Susan’s Healing Services:

Sound Healing (Susan’s Sound Healing releases trapped feelings, unique to each individual)
Water Crystal Healing (Masaru Emoto-Derived, works with all the cells within one’s body and over time)
Space Clearing of Homes, Workplaces, Items, etc. (Phenomenal, Harry Potter-like 🙂 )
Flower Essence Energetic Bouquet (Timed-Release, unique to needs)
Chakra Healing (Balancing/Dissolving Unhealthy Cords)
Chronological Healing (Healing of Specific Time Frames of your Life)
Inner Child Healing (Healing and Integrating your Inner Child)
Past Lifetime Healing (Releases Karma, Brings back Soul Chards)
Trauma Healing (Clears accidents/abuse/PTSD, etc.)

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About the Healing Process:

Often as soon as you agree to do the healing session together with Susan, the healing process begins. Much of Susan’s healing work has immediately noticeable effects and also continues to work over time. Sometimes only one session is needed; sometimes more will be needed, depending on your individual response. Please do keep in touch to let her know how you and/or your loved ones are doing over time.

Session Fees:
Healing sessions are scheduled for a minimum of 30-minute appointments, (though 60 minutes are allotted when you schedule) and the sessions are charged at the following rates:

$150 for first 30 minutes, $100 for every additional 30 minutes thereafter within your session. Susan can accomplish a LOT in a short period of time.

Susan ordinarily does the healing work first and is paid afterward.  Clients who need it may receive a discounted rate of $200 for a 60-minute session.  A payment plan is available for people who are not fully able to pay for her services at the time of the session, and she graciously receives more than she asks as well. ( If you have important questions prior to scheduling your healing session when you receive confirmation of your healing request,  you may email them to Susan,  susan@distancehealer.net or distancehealer.susan@gmail.com. ) 

Please complete the form below and click the submit button to request healing.

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What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Hello, Susan, Today my dog Lucky was not just walking without a limp, he was running and full of life, his coat is shining which is something new. Many thanks to you and our friends in spirit. With love and light, Peter."

- P.T. Denmark