Healing Services and Fees

To request healing, please complete the form below and click on the submit button.  Susan determines intuitively during the session how to best be of help to you, and will discuss this with you. Her sessions include whatever she is guided to do for/with each individual she is working with. When you complete the form, you’ll automatically be directed to her calendar app to schedule a session. ( If you have important questions prior to the appointment, you may email her at either [email protected] or [email protected] ) Susan is usually paid after her sessions; her payment link is at the bottom of all of her pages, and can also be reached from hereFor more info. on some of Susan’s services please scroll down below the form. Susan looks forward to joining you on your healing journey!

Session Fees: 
Healing sessions are scheduled for a minimum of 30-minute appointments, (though 60 minutes are allotted when you schedule) and the sessions are charged at the following rates: 

$150 for first 30 minutes, $100 for every additional 30 minutes thereafter within your session. Susan can accomplish a LOT in a short period of time – most sessions last approximately 30-60 minutes. Susan is willing to accept payment over an agreed upon period of time and to offer a discount after the session if need be.  She also graciously receives more than she has requested.

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Some of Susan’s Healing Services:

Sound Healing (releasing uncomfortable thoughts/feelings, stuck in one’s body/mind/spirit)
Water Crystal Healing ( evolved from Dr. Emaru Emoto’s research on water crystals)
Space Clearing (phenomenal, cutting edge)
Trauma Healing (healing of accidents, abuse, etc. PTSD gone)
Flower Essence Energetic Bouquet (timed-release)
Chakras Healing/Cleansing (opening, balancing, cords dissolving)
Chronological Healing (healing one’s past)
Inner Child Healing (healing, integrating one’s inner child)
Past Lifetime Healing (clearing and releasing karmic issues)


What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Good Morning, Susan. Just wanted to update you on Molly. She had her follow up examination. They found no new vitreal hemorrhages behind her eyes. In addition, the ones that were there are now completely gone. They originally told us it would take about 6-8 weeks for them to be reabsorbed. They were completely expecting to find more and they were stunned and nearly speechless. I am so happy and grateful. Thank you for your help!"

- Brian Worley, Virginia Beach, VA