Susan Grey’s Distance Space Clearing

Susan Grey’s remote SPACE CLEARING is cutting edge, phenomenal, permanently removing negative energies! Susan also clears the people and animals who were adversely affected by those energies. Since 1984, Susan Grey has been energetically clearing/healing people’s’ homes, land, workplaces, items, etc. She has been doing this professionally all over the world since 1998. She clears locations and items of stress and trauma held within them, old memories, stressful feelings, lost souls, negative entities and energies. Immediately, the areas and items look/feel lighter, brighter, clearer. And so do the people.

Susan also clears previous locations, trauma, and items of negative energy still impacting the people and animals: cars that were totaled, homes that burned down, places/rooms where people were abused, places where they were injured, flood and hurricane damage, war experiences, etc. Where you may have been carrying stuck pain and tension in your bodies, possibly for years, from previous circumstances, the emotional charge is gone, and the pain, tension, dis-ease is often released… PTSD gone!

Susan Grey’s space clearing releases lost souls and trapped energies/thought-form/feelings to an unconditionally loving Universe, where they are received and transformed. There are immediate, profound and lasting effects when Susan does her space clearing. Both you and your animals will love this work!

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Susan, you are a miracle worker. After you did the space clearing on my workspace, it has been vibrant. We held an annual function that was the best it’s been in 20 years. Most important, a long standing work problem that I have had resolved itself completely, within 3 weeks of working with you. We also received a $30,000 donation that was a ‘surprise.’ This is all less than four weeks after working with you. And, a key alliance of my workplace who had moved away walked in today unannounced to tell me he had moved back to town and, “how can I help.” Really!!! Your work is amazing. It only took 3 weeks and things have totally unfolded in a way better than I could have imagined.”
– H.U., CA

“Susan. I didn’t know that the energy after you move out of a place can still affect certain of my physical body, emotions, spirit, etc. (As soon as you cleared those 3 rooms in one of the places where I used to live,) I am feeling lighter and more freed up…like a weight has been lifted and a veil of heavier energy has been removed. Thank you! You are very gifted.”
-M.B. Carpenteria, CA

Susan, I wanted you to know that now my son is sleeping happily in his own bed and the boys and animals love to play in there! I am so grateful that my happy home has been returned to its crazy fun state that I always imagined, but even better! It is like I don’t even have the memory of what it was like before. Emotional Freedom indeed!! No heartstrings binding me to any other time.  I feel content with my present and finally at peace after many, many years. Thank you again!
T.J. Western MA.

Some Examples of Effects of Susan’s Space Clearing

When Susan is clearing photographs, the people or souls of the people in the pictures are also receiving healing; the pictures will actually look different, the people happier, more authentic. Jewelry being cleared will be prettier, clearer. Once when Susan cleared someone’s ring she was wearing, the color of the stone changed immediately from black to blue, and the woman’s finger stopped hurting. 

Another time when Susan cleared a dresser mirror, the couple both exclaimed how much better their necks felt. There had been a Catholic Mass Card on the dresser mirror that Susan had not known about that the man was actually looking at. That Mass had been for the funeral of the woman’s great aunt, who had died falling down the stairs, and breaking her neck.  And both of the couple had been carrying severe pain in their necks ever since then until Susan’s space clearing. 

When Susan was clearing someone’s home of mold/mildew smell, as she was doing the work, her hand was drawn to a Water Crystal card she had on one of her altars, with an open piece of dark chocolate. ( Susan had been using that to release her own addiction to the chocolate.) Her client said “the mold smell is gone. But it’s really strange. I can smell chocolate in here now!”

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People often find it easier to physically clean a space, and to let go of all kinds of things,  after Susan has energetically cleared it. She can also clear hotel rooms for you if you are traveling, rooms you are holding workshops in, workplaces, hospital or nursing home rooms, etc. Susan’s space clearing also includes protection and blessings. Any work you choose to do with Feng Shui principles will be so much more effective after you have had your space cleared by Susan Grey. You will be amazed!

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What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Susan Grey offers fine-tuned precision work on the human body and energy system and groundbreaking, breathtaking space clearing where energetic walls and boundaries collapse to let in the light. One of the best healers in America today."

- A.M.C., Queens, NY