Payment Information

Payment Information for Susan’s Distance Healing Services are below.  Susan accepts payment at the conclusion of your healing session. If needed, you may pay for your sessions over an agreed upon period of time. Susan also graciously accepts more than she has requested. Susan accepts the following forms of payment:

Payment Option 1

Click the Pay Pal link below to make payment(s) for Susan’s healing services.
Make payments with PayPal – it’s fast, free and secure!

(Please note: If you have any problem with this link, please notify Susan: or

Payment Option 2

Susan can also take credit card information directly over the phone at 1-803-419-3823, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Eastern time, in which case she will do the PayPal for you. If you get her voice mail, you may leave her a message. Please do not send credit card information by email, which is not secure. Thank you.

Payment Option 3

You may also pay Susan for her healing services by using Western Union or sending checks/money orders to her at:

Susan Grey
104 West Hampton Way
Columbia, SC 29229-8777

Payment Option 4

You may also pay Susan by going to PayPal.Me/distancehealersusan or by using either Zelle or Venmo, which you can discuss with her if you use either of those.

Many Thanks and Blessings, Susan 🙂

Susan Grey ~ Distance Healer of people, pets, and places
Susan Grey
104 West Hampton Way
Columbia, South Carolina, 29229 USA
Please include your email address with all payments to me, thanks!

Please note: Healing is always healing; often and not always, curing. I never know what will be the final results of the healing work I do, and I have seen a lot of miracles. I  always recommend people continue to use appropriate licensed medical practitioners, along with complementary healing.

What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Susan Grey offers fine-tuned precision work on the human body and energy system and groundbreaking, breathtaking space clearing where energetic walls and boundaries collapse to let in the light. One of the best healers in America today."

- A.M.C., Queens, NY