Susan Grey is a natural born healer, intuitive and empath. She was raised in an agnostic Jewish family. From early childhood, Susan has had extra-sensory perception experiences, and has intuitively known that there was more out there than meets the eye. She has always been spiritual and positive, despite having experienced significant losses, including her dad’s murder when she was 7, and her mom’s death from ovarian cancer when she was barely 22. Susan has lived her entire life noticing small coincidences all the time, and looking for their significance. And she frequently has amazing coincidences gracing her life.  

When Susan was at a Mintz family reunion in California in 1983, her Uncle Fred Mintz, Susan’s  dad’s brother mentioned that his 1st cousin Lou was married to a woman who “apparently wrote a spiritual book that a lot of people know about.”

Susan asked, ” What book is that?” And he replied, ” it’s called A Course in Miracles.” Susan’s dad’s first cousin was Lou Schucman, married to Helen Schucman who scribed “A Course in Miracles.”  Her family on occasion had visited Lou and Helen at their apartment and book store in New York City when Susan was a small child. “Helen’s story of how she came to scribe this amazing course which has helped millions worldwide is told in several books, one of which is “Journey Without Distance.” Susan’s distance healing work is definitely a journey without distance.

In the late 1970s, Susan visited a well known psychic to learn about her dad’s death (Virginia Kennedy, who has since passed on) in Madison, WI. As she walked in the door, Virginia exclaimed, You know you’re a healer, don’t you? Susan thought Virginia meant she was a good social worker and asked no questions about that. She did learn that her father had been murdered, ( which  has a long and fascinating story which will be shared in the book Susan is writing. ) As Susan was leaving the session, Virginia said “I’m not even going to tell you what you’ll be doing because you’d be intimidated.”The moment Susan was initiated into Reiki in 1984, her journey as a healer began. When she was on the table being worked on, her body was jumping off the table. Susan immediately began offering healing to people everywhere she went, working in their aura, in grocery stores, libraries, on the street, truly everywhere, embarrassing her two young children unmercifully. She did this for 14 years. The more Susan opened herself up to being a channel of healing, the more powerful the healing energies were with her. Over the years many different healing processes have joined Susan’s healing work, some of which you can learn about on Susan’s page on distance healing

Susan began doing her distance healing part time professionally on April 29th, 1998 after being told by another wonderful psychic, Kathleen Schneider, ( kspsychic.com ) that it was time. On that same day, Susan had been contacted by an animal communicator from Santa Fe who was considering a move  to Madison and, searching for a metaphysically oriented Realtor, she found Susan. Speaking on the phone with Susan, the woman asked Susan about her healing work and to show her. One of her dogs came limping over by her. So Susan sent distance healing to both the woman and her dog. A jaw problem she had had since birth immediately disappeared, and her dog walked away with no limp. The woman did not decide to move to Madison; she did tell Susan she had to be doing this professionally. She designed Susan’s first business cards and started sending Susan people, who started sending more people, and Susan’s professional distance healing work began… on the date that Kathleen had told her it was time. Susan had called to arrange an appointment with Kathleen for a reading earlier in the month of April, and had not heard back for while. Kathleen then called Susan and asked if April 29th would work. April 29th, 1952, had been the date Susan’s father had “fallen off ” the EL, (elevated train) in Chicago, on Susan’s mother’s birthday. He died 2 days later on May 1st. Susan and her siblings were told it was an accident, and her mother moved them very quickly to Hartford CT where her father and stepmother lived, and where she had grown up. Susan learned from a variety of sources that her dad had actually been murdered, and that it had been too dangerous for her mother to stay in Chicago or to tell us- her kids- what had actually happened. During Kathleen’s reading with Susan on April 29th, 1998, Susan’s father came through. It was quite wonderful!! Kathleen had not consciously known about the significance of that date for Susan when she had proposed April 29th.

Susan graduated from Hartford College for Women, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She is a natural at helping people, and has been since she was a small child, People would tell Susan their life story on the street. When she was 16, she took the train from Hartford to visit her cousins in Long Island. At Grand Central Station, she sat down next to an elderly African American man. When she got up to get her next train,  he said to her, “you have changed my life, “ which brought her to tears.  She obtained her social work job, working for Dane County Human Services, in Madison WI by doing very well on the Wi. Career Candidate exam and told told she could become either a publications editor or a social worker. Loving people,  Susan chose to become a social worker though she had taken no classes in social work or sociology. Three months after she began her social work job the State of WI changed their rule to specify that one needed a degree in social work or sociology to become a social worker. 

Twenty years later, Susan left her social work career, and became a Realtor for 13 years. During both of those careers she was known unofficially by a number of her colleagues as the “office healer.” One of the things Susan would do was to   clear homes for people who were selling them, and for people who were buying them. Susan had a gratefulness prayer, “The Universe brings the right homes and people together through me!”  One day at an Open House Susan was doing, she had energetically cleared the home and proclaimed her gratefulness prayer. About 10 minutes into the Open House 2 men came in. One of them said, “This is it! We’ll take it. Start writing up the offer.” Susan said, “But you haven’t even seen the house yet.” He said, “we’ll look at it, but I already know this is it.” Susan asked what had brought them there… her ad, her signs? He replied, “Susan, we weren’t even shopping for a house. We were driving down Sherman Avenue, and at your first sign, our car turned. It continued to turn, following your signs, and here we are. The Universe brought us here.” They immediately bought the house

One day early in 2002, the broker from the west side office of the company she was a Realtor for came limping with crutches into their East side office where Susan worked. Susan asked him what had happened,  told him she was an energy healer, and would he like help?  He said ‘sure” and Susan worked in his aura briefly.  The broker was amazed and said, “What are you doing, working in Real Estate?”  Susan immediately realized, when the broker, whose business was taking in about $30,000 each year from Susan’s work, told her she was in the wrong field, that yes, she was in the wrong field. It was time for her to fully commit to living her mission. Shortly thereafter, when Susan’s husband John got offered a consulting position in Columbia SC, and asked Susan if they could move, Susan replied, “as long as I don’t have to do real estate. It is time for me to be living my mission.”  Susan, her husband John and their furry family moved to Columbia, SC.  where they still reside (2023) with their 4 beloved rescue cats. Their home has a wonderful healing room/sanctuary where she does her healing work and has been writing her book.

Since 2002, Susan Grey has worked throughout the world with several thousand people and  their animal companions, and doing cutting-edge, phenomenal space clearing. As a naturally gifted, intuitive healer and holistic counselor, Susan provides whatever is needed for each individual.  She never knows where the sessions will take her until her clients are in session with her on their healing journey together.  Sometimes only one session is needed, sometimes more, depending on your particular circumstances.  Sometimes people have unconscious blocks to receiving, and in that case, Susan will help you to receive, accept and integrate her healing work. Plan to work with her on the phone or on any of several video chat apps. You and your beloved animal companions will love her work!

What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Susan is truly an amazing healer. She has done what twenty doctors couldn't do for me. God bless you, Susan."

- Joy Lovett-Bishop, Alabama