Susan Grey is a natural born healer, intuitive and empath. She was born in 1944 into a humanistic agnostic Jewish family. From early childhood, she has had extra-sensory perception experiences, and has known that there was more out there than meets the eye. Susan has always been spiritual, and positive, despite experiencing many losses (her dad passed on when she was 7, and her mom when she had just turned 22.) The “coincidence” phenomenon which people have become more aware of over the years has been in Susan’s life daily since childhood. She has lived her whole life noticing small coincidences all the time, and looking for their significance. And she frequently has amazing coincidences gracing her life.

A Wonderful Connection

Susan delights in the wonderful connection she discovered she had when she went to a Mintz family reunion in 1999. Her sister was composing a family tree, and their uncle Fred said, “Oh, you might be interested to know that my first cousin’s wife Helen channeled a book that apparently a lot of people know about.”

“Oh, what book’s that?” Susan asked.

“A Course in Miracles,” he replied. Susan remembers having visited her dad’s first cousins, Lou and Helen Schucman, in New York City, when she was a child. Helen, who had also grown up in an agnostic Jewish family, had indeed scribed this amazing book, which has changed the lives of millions of people. The story of how she came to scribe “A Course in Miracles” is told in several books, one of which is “Journey Without Distance.”

The Beginning

About 1970, Susan visited a well known psychic (Virginia Kennedy, who has passed on) in Madison, WI where she lived and worked. As she walked in the door, Virginia said, “You know you’re a healer, don’t you?” Susan thought Virginia meant she was a GOOD social worker, and asked her no questions related to that.  As Susan was leaving, Virginia said, “I’m not even going to tell you what you will be doing, because you’ll be intimidated.” In 1984, Susan was initiated into Reiki, and immediately began her journey as a healer, initially offering healing to people everywhere she went, grocery stores, libraries, on the street, embarrassing her two young children unmercifully. The more Susan opened herself up to being a channel of healing, the more the healing energies were with her. Only in 1998, however, did she truly begin to do her distance healing work professionally after being told by another psychic that it was time. (By the way, this psychic is absolutely amazing, Kathleen Schneider, www.kspsychic.com. Her work is phenomenal.)

That visit was on April 29th (already a very significant date in Susan’s life) in 1998. She went home from seeing the psychic, and had just received an email from an animal communicator in New Mexico who was contacting her about real estate. Susan was, at that time, a metaphysically-oriented Realtor. The woman in Santa Fe had looked up Madison, WI, real estate and metaphysics, and Susan’s name came up. She had Susan do healing work for her over the phone, and then said, “You must be doing this professionally.” She did not buy a home in Madison, but she did design her first business cards, and started sending her people, who started sending more people…

Susan in 2018

Susan is known as a gifted intuitive (also sometimes called psychic or empathic) healer and counselor, an energy healer, spiritual healer, complementary healer, holistic healer, sound healer and animal healer. She incorporates her method of both EFT and EmoTrance into her Sound Healing work, which is cutting-edge/phenomenal. Many people contact Susan for healing for their pets, and often learn that they also need healing, and that their animal companions may have been reflecting their issues. And, often, their homes need energy clearing/ healing as well. Clearing people’s homes, cars and workplaces, even previous places, releases the stress they and/or their animals may have been carrying for a very long time. Susan’s Space Clearing both of present spaces and of previous trauma is amazing.

Susan has been providing distance healing all over the world full-time since 2002. Susan grew up in Detroit, Chicago, and Hartford, Conn. She graduated from Hartford College for Women and the University of Wisconsin, was a county social worker for 20 years and a Realtor for 13 years, during which times she was known unofficially as the “office healer.” After living in Madison, WI since 1965, Susan moved in 2002 to Columbia, SC where she resides with her husband John Hartz, their cats Shadow and Makare, and their 2 dogs Maddie, and Lucky. Susan is living her mission joyfully and abundantly!

What people are saying about Susan's healing

"Susan is truly an amazing healer. She has done what twenty doctors couldn't do for me. God bless you, Susan."

- Joy Lovett-Bishop, Alabama