The Earring


For many years I had been teaching people that when you cannot find something, instead of telling yourself, “I can’t find it; I don’t know where it is,” feverishly looking for it, bemoaning that you’ve lost it, berating yourself for losing it, that you tell yourself instead something like, “I know exactly where it is, yes I do!” Or just something like “it’ll show up!” And, you stop looking for it. It will just show up within about ten minutes if it’s anywhere in your environment. People are flabbergasted at how well this works. They just find the object when they pick up something else, or just go to the object without thinking about it. One of my clients told me she uses “God knows. God shows,” and that works for her.

So 23 years ago, my daughter Katia gave me a beautiful, unique pair of earrings for my 50th birthday. Three years later, I lost one. Neither of us knew who made them, so it was irreplaceable. I put the other earring on my dresser, and would look at it occasionally, bemoaning the fact that I had lost this earring and would never be able to replace it. Fifteen years ago, we moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Columbia, South Carolina. Again, I put the lone earring on my dresser, and continued to berate myself for having lost the other one. I would say or think things like “I am so sad. It was so careless of me to lose that earring. How stupid!”

About 10 years ago, I looked at the earring, and suddenly said, “Hey, this is silly. I know exactly where that other earring is, Yes, I do! Thank You, God!” I proceeded to go upstairs to my healing room, and decided to dust my bookcases. If you knew me, you would know that this was not in character. On one of the shelves is The Book of Runes , a wonderful divination book by Ralph Blum with just great philosophical advice, by the way, and there were three bags of Rune stones on the shelf by it. I have tended to use only one of the bags, but happen to have three. As I dusted, one of the other bags fell off the shelf onto the floor. Out fell two Rune stones, and the earring. Ten years missing. Ten minutes back. My having declared with full faith, enthusiasm and gratefulness that I knew where it was, it took the usual ten minutes to show up.

This is an example of our co-creating our lives. When we focus with feeling on something being missing, sure enough, it is missing. And, when instead with faith, trust, and gratefulness, we know that we know where it is, we do. It might be earrings, glasses, important papers, keys. And it might be love, a career or whatever else it is you are looking for.

I was amazed when I found the earring. Even though I had proclaimed to the Universe, to the Divine, that I absolutely knew where it was, still I was amazed when it showed up. I am constantly amazed. And I’m amazed that I’m amazed. You’d think with constancy, one would just consider the extraordinary ordinary. I believe that my continuously being awed keeps awesomeness gracing my life.”

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Many Thanks and Blessings, Susan Grey

Susan is not a licensed practitioner of medical care. Her healing work with people and animals is complementary to medical care. Healing is always healing, often, and not always, curing. Although she has seen amazing effects, sometimes miraculous, Susan never knows what will be the final results of her healing work. She always recommends people continue to work with licensed medical practitioners you are comfortable with, as well.
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